Easter Decor

We are so "eggcited" that Easter is just around the corner! This Easter, why not have an Easter brunch that is as stylish as it is tasty! Let pretty pastels and fresh flowers inspire your celebration table. Here are some of our top tips for a chic and trendy Easter table:

  • Our ceramic French Bunnies (available in a variety of pastel colours) make amazing centerpieces for Easter. They also add a touch of magic and whimsy to any room or shelf all year round! 
  • Why not put classic Easter candies, like speckled eggs and white candy chocolate eggs, into our stylish ceramic Egg Trays and Egg Cups. They are also great for serving hard boiled eggs.
  • Add a touch of freshness, with fresh flowers in our gorgeous pastel Consol Jars. These stunning little jars are so versatile that they can be put almost anywhere in your home or office! You could even fill them up with yummy Easter Candies and tie a bow around them and give them away as gifts!
  • Make a quick and pretty place setting by tying a fresh flower onto a folded napkin.
  • Our beautiful, soft and cuddly crochet bunnies, Ella and Bella, are the perfect addition to any Easter Basket or Table and make a special treasured keepsake for any little girl.
  • Our party decor like High Tea, Secret Garden and Sparkle ranges pair beautifully for Easter decor and will really wow your guests.

     So why not hop to it, and buy some beautiful Easter decor today!

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