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Fast Charge 3 In 1 Wireless Charger

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$59.99 USD
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$119.99 USD
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$59.99 USD

This is the unlimited all in one charger! 
* Both IOS & Android Applicable *

Saves you time and energy. Using wireless charging it can charge your phone, smartwatch, and earbuds all at once faster than any old charger out there.

You’ll save hours of charging each day by using it. It charges up to 4X the speed of cable charging and works on all phone models.

Bonola 3 in1 Wireless Charger For iPhone 11Xs AirPods Apple Watch 23 Wireless Charging Stand for iWatch iPhone 11ProXrXs Max (3)

Unmatched Compatibility 

Enjoy the convenience of Ramax for Apple, Samsung and all other Qi devices!

Supports Almost All Devices

Whether you've got an iPhone, Samsung, AirPods, Apple Watch or Galaxy Watch, this charger stand will work for you.

  • Please make sure to choose the right model when ordering

Unlimited possibilities

This can charge through most conventional plastic phone cases and can even charge your smartphone on multiple platforms!

  • Phone case friendly                                                                              
  • Multi-platform charging
  • Horizontal and vertical support